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  • Effective resume writing
  • Interview techniques
  • The cover letter
  • Career planning
  • Resource management
  • Jobs search
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    • Permanent Recruitment
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    • Daily Wages Jobs

Resume Preparation Assistance

We do provide you with standardised samples, thus enabling you to have your resume prepared in the most suitable fashion. These tailored made samples have been designed for you to meet the benckmarks set by Australian and New Zealand employers.

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Interview Advices

The following tips and tricks for a successful interview are outlined as under:

  • Before the Interview, learn some background information about the company
  • Be aware of what the company does, its products or services and any current press coverage.
  • Look for information about your prospective employer on their website.
  • Ask the company for a brochure and/or their latest accounts.
  • Consultant with us for information about the employer
  • Are there any technical / Skill/ Psychometric Testing requirement?
  • What is the purpose of the role?
  • What are the key responsibilities?
  • How will performance be measured?
  • Who does the role report to?
  • Will the role manage others?
  • Is this a full time, part time or contract role?
  • What will the salary package consist of?
  • What other benefits are offered?
  • Does your recruitmnet consultant have a job specification? Ask for a copy.
  • Make sure you know what the job involves. That way you will know how to sell yourself for the role and avoid wasting your time due to misunderstanding.
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During Interview

The basics for interview performance:

  • Be on time – get there 5 minutes early
  • Dress appropriately – an interview is more formal than the day to day job
  • Make a positive first impression – a smile, firm handshake and positive body language
  • Prepare thoroughly – review the job description, your resume, talk to insiders, visit the website, read recent news, predict what questions you’ll be asked
  • Stay focused on the questions – keep your answers brief but add in lots of specific examples of your own work experience linking back to the role on the table
  • Keep it formal – don’t get too familiar or go into negative territory and maintain alert positive speech and body language
  • Think about what you want to know too – have some questions ready to ask about the role or company
  • On leaving show your appreciation and interest in the role
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After the Interview

  • After the interview call our relevant consultant and give him/her any feedback.
  • If you feel that any part of the interview went unfavorably advise our relevant consultant in order that it can be covered with the interviewers rapidly and resolve if possible.
  • Think how the interview could have been handled better by yourself and learn from the experience.
  • Our relevant consultant will get back to you once getting any feedback from the interviewer.

Last but not least, good luck in your interview.

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